Sunday feels 

Winners focus on winning while losers focus on winners. The day I decided that I was going to pursue the things in life that I’ve always wanted, I focused on winning. I did not look at the people who were berating me with statements like, “What are you even doing with your life”, or even worse, publically mocking me to their friends (hashtag yes I see you hating). To be completely honest, the more I see people negatively speaking about me, the more it pushes me to succeed. So from the bottom of my heart, I truly thank the people who do not believe in me. If it were not for these people, I wouldn’t push myself as hard as I do. This is only the beginning for me and to see how riled up people get over me, excites me. It shows that I am doing something outside of the box and that makes people uncomfortable. For me to continue my life thinking, “I regret that I never did what I truly love”, is unacceptable for me. I love beauty blogging and being an influencer, and at the same time I am continuing on with my education so that one day I can say that I was able to do what I love and also have a successful career at the same time. In the past six months I have been able to grow my Instagram following to over 10K which I am elated about, but at the end of the day it’s not about the number of followers I have; it’s about having my voice heard. I love that people can relate to me even though I wouldn’t be considered a typical blogger or person in general. 

My main priority while putting myself out there on social media is to show the world that it’s okay to be who you are and be completely unapologetic about it. When I first started expressing my personality on social media; specifically Snapchat, I felt bad at times when I would sound a little obnoxious or harsh when it came to addressing stories about people who have wronged me. I began to think to myself, why? Why should I feel bad? Did the people who were speaking negatively about you feel bad when they were talking about you? Absolutely not. From there onwards, I decided to focus on myself and keep pushing. 

People always want to say that those who are in the blogging industry do nothing all day. I promise you, this is far from true. I actually believe that blogging is harder than a few courses I have taken in school (I’m SERIOUS)! It takes up a lot of my time, especially when I’m doing makeup posts. Of course, I’m not the best at makeup (PSA: I’m not a makeup artist), so when it comes time to doing a look that I want to post on my social media, I have to take my time and be sure that the look I do will come out looking as nice as I can get it. I’ll sit down and list out every makeup product I used so that when I decide to blog about it, I can let people know exactly which products I use, because of course, it’s what people want to know about in a makeup post. It’s not just a “one hour a day” type of activity for me, and I can only imagine how hard beauty bloggers who have hundreds of thousands of followers are working. 

Having a small yet strong crowd in my corner always motivates me. If it weren’t for one of my close friends, Sylvia, I don’t believe my following would be growing at the rate its going. She constantly pushes me to send out e-mails to companies and post consistently on my Instagram, Snapchat, and blog. I would say to her, “Sylvia, I’m sick of people judging me, I don’t know if I want to do this anymore”, and she would always tell me, “KB, who cares! Just do you! Don’t think about them”. It is those types of friends that will help you in life, not the friends who only want to party with you and leave it at that. All my life I’ve noticed that a lot of people want to be around you when things are going great, but the second things start going wrong in your life, they disappear. Those friends that don’t disappear, those are the ones you need to look at and know that those are your true friends. 

When I went to Hawaii and saw how beautiful the world is, I knew at that moment I was not going to live my life being mediocre. I had a feeling in my heart, where I just knew that nope, that’s not the life for me. I’m so much for than that! All of you guys are too. 

For the people who don’t know me personally and continue to follow me on this journey, I am grateful. I love replying to you guys and absorbing all the positivity brought my way. Once I started living my life in a positive light, I felt all the negative baggage that comes along with negative energy diminish from my life. Don’t settle for mediocrity when you were destined for greatness.  



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