The Power of Makeup: Negative Comments 

I love how makeup transforms me. I did this look on my snapchat and I got a lot of mixed feedback – for the most part positive! But…whenever I get negative feedback I’m LOWKEY but maybe HIGHKEY butt hurt about it (lol). Some people still don’t seem to understand the fact that makeup really is an art. I feel like it should be respected that many makeup junkies like me actually have a little bit of talent. I dare those who comment negatively to attempt to transform like this (that sounded so stupid…BUT YOU CATCH MY DRIFT). When I see other peoples makeup transformations I am amazed. I think to myself, “Wow, what beautiful work”, not “She’s cat fishing by wearing all of that makeup ew!” Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely confident in myself without makeup on, however makeup gives me that extra boost when I’m not feeling so hot! Instead of blowing my money on drugs and alcohol I choose to blow my money on makeup! Haha, maybe not the best addiction but for sure much safer than most addictions. If I can teach people one thing it’s that we should all respect people and the things that they love. Whether that be makeup or clothing or any other artistic passion people may have, it should be respected. Uplifting others is my main goal in doing makeup transformations like this. You’re not confident in your chubby cheeks? Contour the fuck out of yourself girl! You feel a little too pale? That’s what bronzers for babe! Makeup is so powerful and I am more than happy to show people the aesthetic effects makeup can create. Beauty is skin deep and if applying makeup makes people feel more powerful, more power to them. So if you’re ever to receive the occasional negative comment just like I do, just know that you are worth so much more than the negativity thrown your way. Do your thing and know that you are more powerful than anything anyone says. 



40 thoughts on “The Power of Makeup: Negative Comments 

  1. This is such a great post! I’ve gotten some negative feedback recently about wearing makeup and sometimes it really hurts. It can be hard to push the haters’ words out of my head when I do makeup sometimes. But I’ve gotten better about it. Makeup is an art and I think anyone who wears makeup should be celebrated rather than torn down. You are beautiful, girl! Thanks for this post tonight, I needed this 😊

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  2. Defintely beautiful both ways.Its your nature. Its all our natures. The main thing is about letting go of negatives, not in a combative way, but in an embracing way…..thats what enhances the beauty……in fact it beautifies us all….thanks

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  3. I absolutely agree with you girl, makeup just enhances our beauty. I’d rather put makeup on something I can take off than enhance my beauty by getting surgery, just my opinion. Not knocking anyone who has surgery. I feel that you can be comfortable wearing makeup and in your own skin. There’s plenty of times I go out the house with no makeup and head scarf on, cause I don’t care, it’s not a necessity just the icing on the cake. I really did enjoy this post, keep up the great work!! ❤❤

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  4. With or without make up – you’re gorgeous. Make up always makes people feel more powerful but we should never be afraid of showing the real beauty that comes from our personality. Keep going!


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