A Bronzer Changed My Life


I don’t think I’ll be the first to say it…BUT A BRONZER CHANGED MY LIFE. When I tell you my makeup game went from a strong 5 to a lowkey 10…I’m being serious PEOPLE. I found out about Benefit Hoola bronzer over a year ago. When I first heard the hype about it I was just like, “Oh here we go again…another overrated makeup product”. I decided to give it a go anyways since I’m addicted to buying makeup and I have zero control when I’m inside Sephora (not an exaggeration).

It looked a little ashy when I swatched it and I was thinking, how are you trying to tell me THIS little bland ass looking thing is going to bronze my dark skin? Well KB spoke too soon…I tried it out and I fell in love. I usually contour with the Anastasia Bevery Hills contour pans in Java and Nutmeg and I was happy with that. But the second I added the Hoola bronzer into my usual contour routine…my life changed. Girl I can now find a husband in a hot minute with these carved out, bronzed and beautiful cheekbones. The powder is easily blendable and has a colour to it that is flattering on most skin tones. I have used this on my Caucasian friends and it looks just as good as it does on me!!! I love products that are super versatile and aren’t ‘made’ for just select skin tones. I’ve heard that it can make you a little orange if you’re on the paler side but I’ve figured out that if you mix it with a little bit of a darker, more cool tone bronzer, the results are just as beautiful. Whenever I go way too extreme with a cream nose contour (which happens WAYYY too often because who doesn’t look a good makeup nose job?!) and it looks a little crazy, I simply dust Hoola on top of the crazy looking contour and it immediately tones down the craziness. Benefit Hoola bronzer really brings out a nice matte and flawless complexion to the skin. It doesn’t look like I just rubbed dirt all over my face like many other bronzers do.

The Hoola bronzer comes in two sizes; travel size ($15) and regular size ($29). Of COURSE I opted for the regular size because I’m extra and I recommend you guys all get the regular sized bronzer as well! It really does last a long time. I’ve had mine for over a year and it has not even hit pan yet…don’t forget that KB uses Hoola almost every day. If you’re going to have just one bronzer in your makeup collection I really recommend you go out and grab Benefit Hoola! Seriously changed my makeup game and I don’t know what I’d do without it.



10 thoughts on “A Bronzer Changed My Life

  1. Second time of heard of this bronzer! I’ll have to try❤️ also, are you KB? Just asking because I see you refer to yourself in third person a lot..lol didn’t know if KB was another person? #sillyquestionmaybe

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