Super glam

imageI LOVE a good face beat. You know those days when you do your makeup and you look at yourself and you’re like, “Damn…we really fricken did it”. It’s truly one of the most satisfying feelings in life. A lot went into this glam and I was genuinely surprised at how great my makeup turned out.

I will be completely honest with you guys. It took me a little over two hours to achieve this look and some of you might be wondering, “TWO HOURS ON MAKEUP??”, yes, KB went in on her face for over two hours. If I listed every single product I used, I would be writing this blog post for days. I’m going to list a few of the bomb products I used to achieve this look…in other words, this flawless look is easily achievable without spending two hours beating your face.

Foundation: I always always always mix my foundations. Having darker skin makes it a little harder to find a true colour match seeing as many brands don’t cater to that many different skin colours. My trick is to use an expensive foundation and a cheap one. That way, your products last twice as long instead of using one foundation and running out really fast. I use quite a bit of foundation and my bottles last me months at a time. I used the DiorSkin Star in ‘Mocha’ and L’Oreal Infallible 24H wear liquid foundation in ‘Soft Sable’. These two foundations are a staple in my makeup collection and I’ve just recently fallen in love with L’Oreal Infallible 24H wear liquid foundation. It is so creamy and it really does stay on your face the whole day.

Powders: I cannot stress HOW important setting your makeup is. You really don’t need to bake your makeup, but please set your makeup with a powder if you’re wearing liquid foundations. It prevents your makeup from sliding off and from major creasing (the worst). I use Ben Nye translucent powder in Topaz and Clinique Redness Solutions Loose Powder to achieve a smooth and matte finish.

Contour: I’m really obsessed with the Makeup Geek contour pans right now! I contoured my egg head with Makeup Geek’s ‘Scandal’ and topped it off with my all time FAVE, and I recommend everyone go out and get, Benefit bronzer in ‘Hoola’. Looks great on every skin tone.

Eyes: I love a simple eye look. It’s easy and can really bring out your eyes without overpowering your look. I went in with Makeup Geek ‘White Lies’ and ‘Starry Eyed’ on the lid and ‘Blacklight’ on my tear ducts to give a little colour to my eyes.

Highlight: Highlighting is EVERY makeup addicts favorite thing right now, including mine. I drowned myself in Hourglass Ambient Lighting in ‘Diffused Light’ for a warm pale yellow glow that worked really well with my ultra matte look.

Setting spray: Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray…of course…because it is literally the holy grail of setting sprays. Your makeup will stick to your face even through the most vigorous of activities…get your freak on girls!!! Get your minds out of the gutter girlies, I’m talking about a vigorous day of walking around the mall, etc. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Final tip – Have staple pieces in your makeup collection. Staple pieces make everything easier! I use a lot of the same products for every look that I do and then just add in a few different things to change up the look every time.

Keep it fun, keep it fresh, keep it cool. Makeup is supposed to be fun. Play around with what you’ve got and you’ll see how easy it is to get super glammed up.



11 thoughts on “Super glam

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