The Power of Makeup


Makeup is a powerful thing. It is something I cherish and find relaxation in. Many people who aren’t makeup lovers may look at that statement and say to themselves, “Damn KB what are you smoking?”, but every makeup lover KNOWS makeup is one of the most amazing things to have ever been created.

My love for makeup started in high school. I wasn’t that good at applying makeup and I didn’t have that many products at the time, however I did enjoy putting it on. I went to an all girls school and I still found it fun to get ready in the morning and put on some foundation and mascara. Something that makes me CRINGE so hard is when people say girls wear makeup to impress boys…so please tell me,would half of my all girls school including me wear makeup to impress the non-existent men (excluding the male teachers..because I don’t really think I was trying to impress 40 year old+ grown men)? No, I wore makeup for myself. It was extremely empowering on those days that I didn’t feel too great and makeup was there to bring me up! I would love stepping into religion class (fashionably late of course after sitting in the caf and devouring 4 caf cookies) and have my fellow peers say, “Wow Kim, your makeup looks so good!”. Even when I wasn’t that great with makeup I still was a little more advanced than my friends for some odd reason. I was never into watching Youtube tutorials or anything, it was just something that came natural to me.

Now that I am much older and do not go to an all girls university, I am surrounded by both men and women daily. I still don’t wear makeup for anyone else, I wear it for myself. There is something so relaxing about blasting music and beating my face for an hour with a beauty blender…hmm, that sounds quite weird now that I think about it…but still extremely relaxing! I’m able to gather my thoughts and think about my upcoming day clearly without any interruptions. If I’m in my makeup zone and I get a phone call I will blatantly tell the person, “LOOK, call me back in an hour I’m busy bye”.

I am not insecure because I like wearing makeup. Yes, I like to change the shape of my nose by contouring the f*** out of it and apply a substantial amount of bronzer to my cheek bones, but it is merely because I think I look better like that. I believe that allowing the best version of yourself to be exposed can have such a positive impact on your mental and physical well-being; when you look good, you feel good.

So wear as much or as little makeup as you want! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The power of makeup is stronger than any other type of therapy for me and I hope you can one day see how empowering it really is.



10 thoughts on “The Power of Makeup

  1. You know, I was a girl who said the same thing but then I met Younique and Elf Cosmetics and then I got into it big time and I realized something, the more you put on am effort on the outside the more powerful you feel because you have pampered yourself and spent time on you.

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  2. It is really incredible how a person can change using make up. I´m addicted to these youtube videos where a girl is making up and the resoult is incredible!

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  3. Absolutely love your take on makeup. Wearing it for yourself. Yes, I so agree with that. There are days when my skin looks flawless without makeup, but still put on makeup because, well, why not. I find it fun to create a certain look for myself and seeing different versions of myself. Some may call it vain, or insecure as you said, but that is their opinion and problem. We can wear makeup for ourselves and for our own fun and games 🙂

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