Welcome to the Life of KB


I have always been the person that people say, “Honestly, your life is crazy” or “You really need a reality TV show”to. And I COMPLETELY AGREE. My life is crazy! All aspects of it. I cannot believe I am writing a blog post. Never in a million years would I ever have thought that me, KB, would be the type of girl to have a blog *long sigh*. Shout out to  my high school English teacher who basically told me I would never excel in anything…but hey! What do I have to lose? I have a lot to say, which means I have a lot to share. I feel like connecting with people on my Instagram and Snapchat isn’t as intimate as a blog…so here I am.

One day about 6 months ago I woke up early in the morning and was like…hmm I’m bored, let’s show people your makeup skills. The rest is sort of history from there. People always ask, “How did you get into all of this?” My response has always been “One day I got bored and decided to spice things up?!” I think God put me on this planet to inspire others and I mean that. Yes, yes, yes I see all the haters rolling their eyes and calling me the most narcissistic person on Earth…but come on guys, let me live my dream!

The Life of KB. For those that know me personally, they know that KB’s life is a roller coaster that never ends. I want to share that with world. I feel like it is such an empowering thing for not only me, but for everyone reading this to experience my life with me. Yes, I will be talking about makeup. Yes, I will be talking about my classic weave (surprisingly I get enough questions about it in my Insta DMS…but I got you girls don’t worry). And….drum roll pleaaaaaaassse…YES I will be talking about DRAMA. Because that is what we all live for right? Of course, names will not be mentioned because as I have mentioned before, I’m not trying to catch any defamation lawsuits against me.

Take this journey with me friends. It has taken me a little while to get over the fact that people will undoubtly judge me for this blog, but now I do not care one bit. I’m living and I’m loving it. The Life of KB only gets crazier from here.




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