Breaking News: I’m Not Bald

12907417_1703812716561726_11336621_nBreaking news! KB is not bald. My hair isn’t even that short. I just like wearing weaves and there is nothing wrong with that. For those of you that don’t know what a weave is, it’s basically extensions sewn into your head–no, not your scalp– your hair hunny. I feel like there has been this huge stigma on extensions, weaves, wigs, etc. Girls or guys shouldn’t feel ashamed to wear hair that doesn’t grow right out of your hair. Stay fleeky booboo do you. I’ll be giving some of my basic hair tips and hair regimen and the type of extensions I use and love.



6 thoughts on “Breaking News: I’m Not Bald

  1. OMG! Say that again girl! I love rocking my weaves. My hair is actually really long and healthy. I just like the fact I am able to switch up my hair color and length without touching/damaging my own hair. That’s what extensions, wigs and etc were created for.

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  2. Yes exactly! I love switching up my hair and feel the best way to achieve that is getting a weave or clip in extensions. I’m actually getting one this week for my girl’s wedding so my hair can be extra laid!

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  3. Ha! I love it. I’ve been doing natural twists outs for the past few years but have recently revisited extensions. Right now I’m loving crochet, ever tried it? Keep doin you, I always say!

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