Sunday feels 

Winners focus on winning while losers focus on winners. The day I decided that I was going to pursue the things in life that I’ve always wanted, I focused on winning. I did not look at the people who were berating me with statements like, “What are you even doing with your life”, or even … More Sunday feels 

Classic KB glam! 

One of my favourite looks – my Classic KB face. For those of you following me on Instagram or snapchat, you may have seen me in this sort of makeup quite a few times before (*a gazillion times). It’s my go-to look, so easy but still glam enough to find a husband.  I’m going to … More Classic KB glam! 

Super glam

I LOVE a good face beat. You know those days when you do your makeup and you look at yourself and you’re like, “Damn…we really fricken did it”. It’s truly one of the most satisfying feelings in life. A lot went into this glam and I was genuinely

The Power of Makeup

Makeup is a powerful thing. It is something I cherish and find relaxation in. Many people who aren’t makeup lovers may look at that statement and say to themselves, “Damn KB what are you smoking?”, but every makeup lover KNOWS makeup is one of the most amazing things to have ever been created. My love … More The Power of Makeup